What did Dom Pedro shout after ties off? Discover the true story!

The phrase “Independence or Death!” is one of the most famous in the history of Brazil, but did you know that that wasn't what Dom Pedro shouted after removing the ties that tied him to Portugal? Discover the true story behind this defining moment in our history.

  • Presentation of the theme and importance of Brazil's independence moment.

September 7, 1822 is a very important date in the history of Brazil. It was on that day that Dom Pedro I, then prince regent, gave the cry of independence, proclaiming the separation of Brazil from Portugal. However, despite it being an iconic moment, the truth about what was actually said by Dom Pedro on that occasion is often misinterpreted.

The truth about the cry for independence:

The phrase “Independence or death” is what is generally attributed to Dom Pedro I after the cry of independence. However, that was not the exact sentence he uttered. In fact, this phrase was only popularized years after the event, during the campaign for the Abolition of Slavery.

The analysis of historical documents reveals that, in fact, the phrase uttered by Dom Pedro I was different. Next, let's find out what that phrase was.

What did Dom Pedro shout after “ties out”?

According to historians and documents of the time, what Dom Pedro I actually said after shouting “ties off” was: “By my blood, by my honor, by my God, I swear to promote the freedom of Brazil”.

The literal translation of the expression “ties out” would be “untie the ties”. This expression was commonly used at the time to refer to the separation of a country from its metropolis. In this way, “ties out” meant that Brazil was freeing itself from Portugal.

The phrase uttered by Dom Pedro I after “ties off” is a strong and moving statement. It shows the prince regent's commitment to the freedom and independence of Brazil. Furthermore, it is an example of the eloquent and dramatic rhetoric used by the leaders of the time.

Understanding history accurately is fundamental to valuing Brazilian cultural heritage. The cry of independence is an iconic moment in the country's history, and understanding what was really said by Dom Pedro I can help us better understand the context and importance of this historical event

Historical context:

  • Explanation of the political and economic context of Brazil and Portugal at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Highlighting the economic crisis in Portugal and the influence of England over the country.
  • Discussion about the revolt of Brazilian settlers against the Portuguese government.

The proclamation of independence:

  • Detailed description of the moment when Dom Pedro removed the ties that tied him to Portugal.
  • Analysis of the different versions of what he said at the time.

Dom Pedro's true sentence:

  • Presentation of historical evidence that proves the phrase said by Dom Pedro after removing the bonds.
  • Explanation of the context in which the phrase was said and its historical meaning.

The legacy of Brazil's independence:

  • Discussion about the historical consequences of Brazil's independence for the country and the world.
  • Highlighting the importance of the moment for consolidating Brazilian identity.


  • Recapitulation of the main points covered in the text.
  • Highlight the importance of knowing the country's history to better understand the present and build a better future.