How to respond to comments on my photos

Instagram comments deserve your full attention, in this post we will explain how to respond to comments on my photos for each case and specific social network. In fact, they are a more meaningful form of engagement than a “like”. In fact, commenting on an Instagram photo shows greater interest on the part of the follower. 

Consider this a “hotter” clue. But How to respond to these comments in the best possible way?

Instagram's main competitive advantage over others social media it’s your engagement potential. In fact, users from Instagram are 58 times more likely to comment, “like” or share your photos compared to Facebook . 

Unlike a “like”, commenting below a Photograph requires action on your part. But how do you respond to a comment on an Instagram photo without getting your foot in the door? Let's take a look at it!

Should you reply to every Instagram comment?

How to detect spam in your posts?

Yes, with one exception: spam. This type of comment on an Instagram photo is easy to spot:

  • It is usually a very vague phrase, with no established connection with the image or Instagram photo;
  • It can also be a comment about the application composed exclusively of emojis;
  • This type of comment Instagram photo generally encourages people to visit and/or sign up for profile who posted it.

So start by deleting all spam and banning “repeat offender profiles” to make everything easier for yourself. Then take a few minutes to respond to the comments genuine messages left by your audience.

How do I respond to comments on my photos and why should I respond?

Why respond to Instagram comments

The stakes are high:

  • Instagram is gradually establishing itself in the e-commerce niche , especially with Instagram Shopping. Therefore, the comments They are to Instagram what reviews are to Tripadvisor. Furthermore, around 88% of French people read consumer reviews before purchasing. Reply in section of comments reassures your potential customers by showing that you are responsive and trustworthy.
  • Reply to Instagram comments can quickly become an advantage for the natural reference of your posts . In fact, a Instagram post that generates a reaction will certainly have a greater organic reach. You gain visibility, attract new followers and enhance your business opportunities.
  • Be active in the section from Instagram comments It's a way to control your electronic reputation. As you know, “nature abhors a vacuum”. By ignoring comments on social media , you open the door to rumors. You also give the image of a brand that is not very involved, perhaps unreliable and above all difficult to reach.

To master your e-reputation on Instagram, we recommend the following:

  • Give more visibility to comments flattering. You can like them and reply to them. You can also pin the best ones. They will be displayed on your Instagram post (under the subtitle It is the hashtags ). Users will see them in their news feed and associate these positive comments with your brand.
  • Neutralize comments negative responses by responding to them with tact, courtesy and relevance. Which brings us to the next question… How do you respond to Instagram comments like a professional?

1. How to reply to comments on my photos: positive comment on an Instagram photo

positive comment on an Instagram photo

You just received a comment on Instagram What compliments your company, product or customer service? Angry! Take the opportunity to thank the person, making sure to name them and address them directly. It is advisable to respond within a maximum period of 48 hours. If that time has passed, just “like” that Instagram photo comment . Your Instagram post caused an explosion of positive comments in a matter of minutes? 

Great performance! In that case, you can show your appreciation to your audience with a single comment . Don't forget to pin the most flattering comments so they appear first.

2. Reply to a neutral Instagram comment

Comments that do not carry any specific “sentiment” can be called “neutral”. In the larger e-reputation arena, the “neutral” comment leans more toward the positive in that it shows engagement and improves organic reach. Therefore, act on a case-by-case basis.

If the person is just mentioning or tagging a friend or replying to another comment, you are not obligated to respond. If, however, the comment follows a question on your post, you can simply “like” it. 

We also recommend that you respond to long reviews that involve some customer writing. 

This is especially true for comments “slices of life” on Instagram. Be sure to start your response with a thank you: “Thank you for sharing your story/experience”, “Thank you for this testimony”, etc.

3. Respond to negative but constructive comments

Although it is never pleasant to read a negative comment, you must quickly understand the potential of this type of feedback. In fact, reviews Constructives are a mine of information. They will allow you to better understand your buyer personas to meet their needs. 

So make sure you understand the wording used by your audience in negative comments. The comment Instagram photo negative can be about three things, each requiring a specific type of response:

  • One comment focusing on form. Maybe the person pinned a spelling error, an inappropriate image, or a dead link. Correct the error and thank the person who pointed it out.
  • Constructive feedback about an issue with your product. Respond as quickly as possible, with tact and professionalism. Be methodical in identifying the source of the problem. Try to be friendly, even if the concern is on the user's side.
  • One comment criticizing customer service. In this case, you can leave a private message for the person and let them know in the comments section.

4. How to respond to comments on my photos: aggressive but justified negative comment

Once again, the comments Negatives should demand your full attention. You need to be extremely responsive to prevent this type of comment start a crisis or bad buzz. 

Be empathetic, honest and transparent. Don't be afraid to admit you're wrong if necessary, and even apologize. Respond as a human, not as an abstract entity. Be available to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Some brands don't hesitate to offer a commercial gesture. Yes, this is a radical solution that will give you points, but you must remain vigilant. Do not compensate easily, to avoid an explosion of false allegations. It's up to you to find the right balance.

How to increase the number of comments on your Instagram posts?

How to increase the number of comments

Now you know how to correctly respond to a comment on an Instagram post. But how can you increase the reputation of your posts and get more comments on your posts? Here are some tips.

Offer interesting content

The first impression a user gets when visiting your profile is crucial. To make it look as good as possible: select images that have a certain harmony between them. Each account has its own universe and it is important that the user sees it quickly. They will quickly know if your content is attractive and relevant to them. This will also make him want to go further in exploring your profile.

Comment on other users' posts

To make your profile gain notoriety, make yourself known to other Instagram users! Commenting on profile photos can be a way to earn additional subscriptions.

Improve your photo captions

Although the content needs adjustments, the caption is also essential. Below a video or photo, take care of the caption. Ask questions, explain your point of view, solicit your followers and random visitors! They will want to comment back.

Use the right hashtags

Take care of your hashtags. They are absolutely essential in your content strategy. Choosing the most popular ones will allow your posts to appear in users' news feeds.

Think about your stories

This recent format introduced by the application Instagram appears just below your profile. Stories allow you to take your followers anywhere with you. An essential building block for your content strategy!

How to respond to comments on social media

Each social media network is unique in terms of demographics and how customers use it to interact with brands, especially for customer service. Audiences use social media for customer service because they can reach a brand instantly, while, according to McKinsey, brands benefit by being able to offer greater customer satisfaction at lower costs. That's why mastering how to respond to comments on different social networks is essential to improving the customer experience.

Let’s see how the organic response to comments works on each social network.

1. Facebook

Facebook remains a thriving social network where audiences go to discover and interact with content that resonates and to stay up to date on the latest trends. It's also where people interact with a brand and, in return, expect brands to engage with them in an authentic way.

In a fast-paced world where customers are spoiled for choice, paying attention to them is key to building lasting relationships. Whether it's a positive, negative, or neutral review, responding to them builds genuine connections and lets your customers know you appreciate them.

To ensure you don't miss any comments, click Inbox in the left sidebar of your Facebook page manager. Access the comments from there and click To respond to answer.

2. X (formerly known as Twitter)

Customers love X for its bite-sized, real-time content format that enables quick and easy conversations. That's one of the reasons it's so popular in customer service. Customers express their concerns with brands, share opinions and participate in discussions freely, and before you know it, there is a trending hashtag.

When responding to social media comments on X, it's important to remember that they are visible to everyone and there may be others following your conversation. You must be timely and polite even when facing complaints. This gives you the opportunity to highlight your brand's personality and elevate brand perception by showing how you gracefully handle customer issues.

To respond to a mention in X, click the comment bubble icon at the bottom of the post. A pop-up will appear for you to type your answer. click in To respond to write your message and to send.


Customers often use Instagram to browse products, ask clarifying questions, and make purchases. In fact, Instagram was created to encourage purchases. The network's Product Tags feature allows you to highlight your products directly in your videos and posts so customers can easily find them and get all the information they need. This is where they may also be interested in learning more about specific products or businesses. This is why regularly monitoring and responding to comments on Instagram is important for your brand.

In addition to being quick to respond, it is also ideal that you show interest in customers, recognizing neutral comments. This encourages customers to consider your brand during a purchase, encourages your relationship with them, and builds your reputation as a brand that your followers appreciate.

To view your Instagram notifications, tap the heart icon in the top right corner of your app. Click on the comments you want to reply to and you will automatically see the post. Tap To respond to reply to the comment. If you want to leave a reply on someone else's post, tap the comment bubble icon directly below the photo and you'll go to the comments page. Enter your comment and tap Post to send.

4. LinkedIn

Responding to social media comments on LinkedIn is different from other social channels. As it is a platform aimed at professionals, it is necessary to respond in a friendly but formal manner. Acknowledge comments by liking them and express your thoughts succinctly in your response.

To comment on LinkedIn posts, click the option Comment below the post and type your message in the box that appears. To reply to someone else's comment on your post, open the post, click the comments, and tap To respond to answer.

5. Pinterest

People use Pinterest as a visual search engine and often find inspiration or discover new products. In fact, 80% of weekly users found a new product or brand on the network. While comments may not be as common as other interactions on the platform, audiences can see comments left on your Pins.

Take this opportunity to provide relevant information and answer questions about your products and respond to comments.

To see comments left on your pins, click the megaphone icon. click in To respond below the comment to leave your reply and tap Enter. To leave comments on other Pins, open the Pin, click Comments and type a message.

6. TikTok

TikTok is a fun social network to spark your creativity and increase your brand presence, audience reach and engagement. The best part? You can experiment with different types of content and you don't need to be formal when interacting with customers. Choose how you want to write in line with your brand voice, keeping it light and friendly.

That said, TikTok comments are great for understanding what your audience wants and expects from you. Monitor conversations and engage with your followers to track audience sentiment and see which aspects of your brand are most popular with them.

To view comments on a video, tap the comment bubble icon on the right side of the screen and reply to the comment and a Reply to [username] text box will appear.